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General Supplies Limited after five years in the 40ft container in Nashville and two employees and they had to move again to make sure we were able to keep the service at a premium for our customers. The opportunity came up to purchase a building just down the road from where the business was.


General Supplies Limited had to move from the 20ft container on his premises because the demand for quality products was increasing and the current storage was getting increasingly harder to keep up with the demand. He was lent a piece of land from a great friend and he was able to put a 40ft container with the same setup office and good storage and a yard to store drums and conduit.


General Supplies limited upgraded from the owner’s pick-up to a permanent 20ft container in the owners back yard. He converted the container into an office and storage so he could service his electricians around Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Western Jamaica to make the best quality available to them.


General Supplies Limited started with the owners Chevrolet pick-up truck and the mindset to get the best quality Electrical to all electricians, contractors and homeowners in Jamaica.